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The Cedar Creek RV Owners Club is open to all owners of an RV manufactured by the Cedar Creek Division of the Forest River Company. 

This organization exists to promote social, recreational and informational exchanges that provide the enjoyment and pleasurable use of Cedar Creek units.

The CCRVOC is dedicated to operate with honesty, integrity, and friendship with equality to all members.

The club is provided by all members. Together the members control the club's operation and direction through the elected officers of the Executive Board and appointed Regional Directors.

Club membership requires an annual dues payment of $25.00 per family.

Dues are used for maintaining the website, the club checking account, and the clubs post office box.

If a review of dues being collected is determined to be insufficient; a majority vote at the International Rally business meeting shall be the only method of making adjustments to the dues amount.

All club income and expenses are openly and fully accounted for to all club members. If any excess funds are collected, they will be utilized for the benefit of all club members and will also be fully accounted for.

The club members will vote on the amount to be collected each year. The bottom line is that this club belongs to all of its members.